Thesis Database

Year: 2003 - 2004 1st term

Programme: BSSc

Supervisor: Patrick Wing Leung Leung

Student name: Shuk Yin Chiu

Thesis title:

Effects of Corporal Punishment, Non-corporal Punishment, and Parental Nurturance on the Psychological Adjustment and Cognitive Processes of Chinese Adolescents

Keywords: Corporal punishment, non-corporal punishment, parental nurturance, psychological adjustment, cognitive distortions

Participants: 445 F.1 to F.3 secondary school students in Hong Kong

Measures: Parental Nurturance Scale, Parent-child Conflict Tactics Scales, Youth Self-Report Form

Measures abr: PNS, CTSPC, YSR

Abstract: abstract/2004udgd/Shuk Yin Chiu.pdf

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