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Year: 2002 - 2003 2nd term

Programme: Postgrad Diploma

Supervisor: Catherine Alexandra McBride-Chang

Student name: Karen Ka Yan Chong

Thesis title:

The Development of the Various Levels of Phonological Awareness and Its Relations to Reading Chinese and English: A Cross Cultural Comparison

Keywords: Phonological awareness, syllable awareness, phonemic awareness, Chinese and English reading,

Participants: 66 boys and 68 girls from Toronto sample, 31 boys and 39 girls from Hong Kong sample, 56 boys and 49 girls from Xian sample

Measures: English word recognition, Chinese character recognition, Syllable deletion, Phoneme onset deletion, Phoneme counting

Measures abr: --

Abstract: abstract/2003Dip/Karen Ka Yan Chong_abstract.pdf

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