Thesis Database

Year: 1999 - 2000 2nd term

Programme: Postgrad Diploma

Supervisor: Catherine Alexandra McBride-Chang

Student name: Grace Wing Yee Chan

Thesis title:

Factors Influencing Depression among Newly Arrived Students from Mainland China

Keywords: Depression, Immigrants

Participants: Secondary school students, Immigrant students from China

Measures: Child Behavior Checklist for 4-16 Years, Chinese Version of the Self-Report Family Inventory, Chinese Version of Kansas Martial Satisfaction Scale, Youth Self-Report, Parental Treatment Scale, Maternal Treatment Scale, Multidimensional Students' life Satisfaction Scale

Measures abr: CBCL/4-16, C-SFI, KMS, YSR, PTS, MTS, MSLSS

Abstract: abstract/2000Dip/Grace Wing Yee Chan_abstract.pdf

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