Thesis Database

Year: 1999 - 2000 2nd term

Programme: MSSc

Supervisor: Patrick Wing Leung Leung

Student name: Chloe Yu Chin

Thesis title:

Positive and Negative Thinking: Their Relationship with Mental Health and Resilience

Keywords: Adverse life events, Daily hassles, Positive thinking, Negative thinking, Stress adjustment, Resilience, Mental well-being

Participants: Secondary school students

Measures: Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire-Negative, Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire-Positive, Adverse Life Events, Revised Hassles and Uplifts Scale, Youth Self Report, Self-perception Profile for Adolescents, Satisfaction with Life Scale, Life 3 Scale

Measures abr: ATQ-N, ATQ-P, YSR

Abstract: abstract/2000MSSc/Chloe Yu Chin_abstract.pdf

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