Thesis Database

Year: 1998 - 1999 2nd term

Programme: PhD in Clinical Psy

Supervisor: Freedom Yiu Kin Leung

Student name: Kin Wing Cheng

Thesis title:

A Structural Equation Modeling of Distress-Diathesis-Adjustment for Chinese Chronic Low Back Pain Patients

Keywords: Chronic low back pain, Diathesis-stress, Distress, Adjustment, Self-efficacy, Passive & active coping

Participants: Patients with low back pain

Measures: Low Back Pain Rating Scale, Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (Chinese version), Pain Catastrophizing Scale, Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire, Vanderbilt Pain Management Inventory, Depression Anxiety Stress Scale

Measures abr: LBPRS, Chinese EPQ, PCS, PSEQ, VPMI, DASS

Abstract: abstract/1999PhDClinPsy/Kin Wing Cheng_abstract.pdf

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