Thesis Database

Year: 2017 - 2018 2 term

Programme: BSSc in Psychology

Supervisor: Fung Hoi Lam Helene

Student name: Chung Yuet Yee

Thesis title:

Exercise and Coping Preference: The Importance of Matching Exercise Mode With Stress Coping Preference

Keywords: Mode of exercise, Coping preference, Mood improvement, Academic stress, Learning and achievement motivation

Participants: 54 college (age 18 to 25) students (24 male and 30 female)

Measures: Positive and Negative Affect Schedule-Expanded form The undergraduate Stress Questionnaire Coping Strategies Inventory-Short Form The motivated Learning Strategies Questionnaire Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

Measures abr: PANAS-X, USQ, CSI-SF, MSLQ, PAR-Q

Abstract: abstracts/2017-2018 BSSc/ChungYuetYee_abstract

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