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Year: 2017 - 2018 2 term

Programme: MPhil in IO

Supervisor: Winton Au

Student name: Chiu Pui Kuan

Thesis title:

Do Authentic Members Perceive Their Group More Cohesive via Higher Interpersonal Congruence? The Moderating Role of Perspective Taking

Keywords: Authenticity, Interpersonal Congruence, Perspective Taking, Group Cohesion

Participants: 125 undergraduate students in CUHK

Measures: Authenticity in Work Group (AS-WG) 10-Item Personalirt Inventory (TIPI) Interpersonal Reactivity Index-perspective taking subscale (IRI-RTS) Closing Knit, Cohesive, Independent Work Groups Subscale (COHES)

Measures abr:

Abstract: abstracts/2017-2018 MPhilIO/ChiuPuiKuan_abstract

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