Thesis Database

Year: 2013 - 2014 2nd term

Programme: MSSc

Supervisor: Freedom Leung

Student name: Sin Ling Yum, Natalie

Thesis title:

Adverse Childhood Upbringing, Negative Self-Cognitions, Emotion Dysregulation, and Non-suicidal Self-injury among Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong

Keywords: NSSI, Self-harm, upbringing, cognitions, emotion dysregulation

Participants: HK Adolescents (662 girls, 507 boys)

Measures: Personal report fo child abuse, the habit index of negative thinking scale, difficulties in emotion regulation scale, non-suicidal self-injury questionnaire

Measures abr: DERS

Abstract: abstract/2014MSSc/Nataliesin_abstract

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