Thesis Database

Year: 13 - 14 term

Programme: MA in Psy

Supervisor: Wang Qian

Student name: Chung Hiu Ming Apesta

Thesis title:

Who can help you to save money and get happy? Maybe your pet does! An investigation of how Materialism mediated the association between Pet-intimacy and Well-Being in Hong Kong and Germany

Keywords: Materialism, Pet intimacy, Well-Being, Self Esteem, Happiness, Loneliness, Mediation, Bootstrapping, Pet ownership

Participants: 438 young adults (231 from Germany and 208 from Hong Kong)

Measures: Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale, De jong Loneliness Scale, Youth Materialism Scale, Pet anthropomorphism Scale, comfort from Companion Animals Scale

Measures abr: YMS, CCAS

Abstract: abstract/2013-2014 MA/ChungHiuMing_abstract.pdf

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