Thesis Database

Year: 2014 - 2015 1st term

Programme: BSSc

Supervisor: Darius Chan

Student name: Cheung Ling Yan

Thesis title:

The role of relative physical attractiveness and gender differences in relationship maintenance strategies and psychological outcomes

Keywords: Relative physical attractiveness, Relationship maintenance strategies, Relational effort, Forgiveness, Relationship satisfaction, Anxiety

Participants: 288 university students (113 men and 175 women)

Measures: Behavioral self-regulation for effective relationships scale-effort scale, Tendency to forgive scale, Experiences in close relationship scale (short scale), Multidimensional relationship questionnaire-depression, Relationship assessment scale

Measures abr: BSRERS-Effort, TTF, ECR, MRQ-Depression, RAS

Abstract: abstract/2014-2015 BSSc/CheungLingYan_abstract.pdf

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