Thesis Database

Year: 2014 - 2nd term

Programme: M.Phil in I/O

Supervisor: Darius Chan

Student name: Sio Teng

Thesis title:

Surface Acting and Employees’ Well Being: The Moderating Roles of Personal Self Esteem and Collective Self Esteem across Cultures

Keywords: Surface acting, Self esteem, Well being, Culture, Emotional labor

Participants: recruited online (US: 284, China: 317)

Measures: Surface Acting Scale, Rosenberg Self Esteem, Collective Self Esteem, Mashach Burnout Inventory-emotional exhaustor dimension, Physical Symptoms Inventory

Measures abr: SA, RSE, CSE, MBI-EE, PSI

Abstract: abstract/2013-2014 MPhil IO/SioTeng_abstract.pdf

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