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Year: 2013 - 2014 2nd term

Programme: M.Phil in Psychology

Supervisor: Qian Wang

Student name: Chan Shun Lai Carol

Thesis title:

Maternal Perceptions of Children’s Shyness as Predictors of Overprotection and Critical Control: The Role of Culture

Keywords: Shyness. Overprotection, Critical control, Perception

Participants: Hong Kong (N=134) and Western (N=59) mothers whose children were aged 3-5 from international kindergartens in Hong Kong

Measures: New Friends Vignettes, The Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire, Child Social Preferences Scale, Negative perceptions of shyness scale, Socialization goals scale, Parenting Style (Authoritarian and Authoritative parenting), Mothers' depressive symptom and shyness

Measures abr: NFV, SDQ, CSPS

Abstract: abstract/2013-2014MPhil/ChanShunLaiCarol_abstract.pdf

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