Thesis Database

Year: 2009 - 2010 1st term

Programme: BSSC

Supervisor: Catherine Alexandra McBride-Chang

Student name: Yee Ting Shing

Thesis title:

A Reexamination of the Influence of Parenting on Self-esteem: Looking through a Two-Dimentional Perspective

Keywords: Parenting, Self-esteem, Self-conpetence, Self-liking

Participants: 102 primary six students (43 boys and 59 girls) and their mothers

Measures: Parental Achievement Goals Scale (PAGS), Child Report of Parenting Behavior Inventory (CRPBI), Parenting Dimentsions Inventory (PDI), Promotion of Volitional Function (PVF), Self-Liking/Self-Conpetence Scale-Revised Version (SLCS-R)

Measures abr:

Abstract: abstract/2010BSSC/ShingYeeTing_abstract.pdf

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