Thesis Database

Year: 2010 - 2011 1st term

Programme: BSSC

Supervisor: Darius Kwan Shing Chan

Student name: Yuen Ki Chan

Thesis title:

A Longitudinal Study of the Influence of Peer Comments on Dating Commitment among Hong Kong Late Adolescents: Moderation by Attachment Style

Keywords: Peer influences, Dating commitment, Attachment style, Feedback evaluation

Participants: 240 Hong Kong late adolescents aged 18-25 (140 females, 100 males)

Measures: Peer Relationship Questionnaire (PRQ), Feedback Evaluation Questionnaire (FEQ), Investment Model Scale (Commitment subscale) (IMS), Adult Attachment Scale (ASS)

Measures abr:

Abstract: abstract/2011BSSC/Chan Yuen Ki_abstract.pdf

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