Thesis Database

Year: 2007 - 2008 2nd term

Programme: MSSC

Supervisor: Fanny Mui Ching Cheung

Student name: Sophie YY Cheung

Thesis title:

Defensiveness and Social Desirability Response Tendency among Sex Offenders in Hong Kong

Keywords: Defensiveness, Social Desirability Response Tendency, Sex Offenders

Participants: Chinese sex offenders and non-incarcerated men

Measures: Hong kong sex offenders attitude scale, Balanced inventory of desirable response, Face subscale-Chinese Personality assessment inventory 2, Shame-proneness subscale

Measures abr: HKSOAS, BIDR, Face-CPAI-2, TOSCA-SD

Abstract: abstract/2008MSSc/CheungYYSophie-abstract.pdf

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