Thesis Database

Year: 2008 - 2009 2nd term

Programme: BSSc

Supervisor: Qian Wang

Student name: Hoi Wing Chan

Thesis title:

Effects of Parental Psychological Control on Hong Kong Early Adolescents' Psychological Functioning: Exploring the Moderating Role of Children's Feeling of Obligation to their Family

Keywords: Psychological control, family obligation, emotional functioning, academic functioning, parent-child relationship quality.

Participants: 140 secondary form one students (55 boys, 82 girls, and 3 did not indicate)

Measures: Parental Psychological control, Family Obligation, Life Satisfaction, Positive Emotion, Self-Esteem, Academic Self-Regulation Questionaire, Parent Oriented Motivation, Inventory of Parent Attachment

Measures abr: PPC, FO, LS, PE, SE, ASQ, PARM, IPA

Abstract: abstract/2009B.S.Sc/Chan_Hoi_Wing_Abstract.pdf

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