Thesis Database

Year: 2008 - 2009 2nd term

Programme: BSSc

Supervisor: Winne Wing Sze Mak

Student name: Eddie Siu Kwan Chong

Thesis title:

Intimate Partner Violence between Same-sex Couples in Hong Kong: Prevalence and risk factors

Keywords: Intimate Partner Violence ,Same-sex Couples, Prevalence ,risk factors

Participants: total 398; cases selected: 272 (98 men and 174 women)

Measures: Revised conflict tactics scale, Personal and relationships profiles, Internalized homophobia scale (Short) General self-efficacy scale

Measures abr: CTS2, PRP, HIS-5, GSE

Abstract: abstract/2009B.S.Sc/Chong_Siu_Kwan_abstract.pdf

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