Thesis Database

Year: 1996 - 1997 2nd term

Programme: MSSc

Supervisor: Catherine S.K. Tang

Student name: Eric Hon Kei So

Thesis title:

The Role of Temperament, Coping, and Cognitive Motivation on Substance Use: A Study of Incarcerated Youths in Hong Kong

Keywords: Temperament, Coping, Cognitive Motivations, Incarcerated Youths, Substance Use, Delinquency

Participants: Inmates from Drug Addiction Treatment Centres or the Training Centres of the Hong Kong Correctional Services Department

Measures: Revised Dimensions of Temperament Survey, Behaviroal Inhibition System / Behavioral Activation System Scales, Adolescent Coping Scale, 15 Reasons for Substance Use

Measures abr: DOTS-R, BIS/BAS

Abstract: no record

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