Thesis Database

Year: 1996 - 1997 2nd term

Programme: MSSc

Supervisor: Catherine S.K. Tang

Student name: Pik Ngan Siu

Thesis title:

Psychosexual Functioning of Chinese Women after Treatment for Gynecological Cancer: A Controlled Prospective Longitudinal Study

Keywords: Gynecologic Cancer, Benign Gynecologic Disease, Psychosexual Functioning, Adjustment

Participants: Women with Gynecological Cancer, Women with Benign Gynecological Cancer

Measures: Eysenck Personality Questionnaire - A Short Revised Version, Derogatis Sexual Functioning Inventory, Chinese Folk Belief Questionnaire, Perceived Social Support from the Family Scale

Measures abr: ERQ-SR, DSFI, PSS-Fa

Abstract: abstract/1997MSSc/Pik Ngan Siu_abstract.pdf

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