Thesis Database

Year: 2007 - 2008 2nd term

Programme: BSSc

Supervisor: Helene Hoi Lam Fung

Student name: Rainey Ying Ying Chik

Thesis title:

Future Goal Content and Instrumentality: Dynamic Interactions in Learning Motivation

Keywords: Student motivation, instrumentality, goal content

Participants: 325 Secondary School (S.3) students (176 males, 142 females and 7 unknown gender)

Measures: Perceived Instrumentality Scale, Learning Self-regulation Questionnaire-Chemistry, FRIEDBEN Test Anxiety Scale, Achievement Goal Questionnaire, Valence subscale in Future Time Orientation, Time Attitude Scale

Measures abr: PIS, LSRQ, FTAS, AGO, FTO-V, TAS

Abstract: abstract/2008B.S.Sc/chik_ying_ying_abstract.pdf

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