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Supervisor nameStudent nameProgrammeYearThesis Title
Alan Chun-nang WONG QU Zhiyi PhD 2010 - 2011 The Locus of Holistic Processing: Relationships between the Composite Effects for Facial Judgments on Identity, Emotional Expression and Gender more details
Kwok Leung Shea Kitty Ling Yu M.Phil in Psy 1998 - 1999 The Relationships among Conflict Styles, Harmony Motives and Job Insecurity Stress in Work Settings more details
Jin Pang Leung Shea Wilmet Sze Wai BSSc 1997 - 1998 Recognition of Facial Expression of Emotion in Chinese Children more details
Patrick Wing Leung Leung Shen Shirley Lu Yi Postgrad Diploma 2004 - 2005 Relationship between time perception and delay gratification and discriminant validity of measurements of impulsivity in ADHD more details
Qian Wang Shieh Natalie Jane Mary BSSc 2014 - 2015 Racial Bias: Anger Responses towards In-group and Out-group Victimization in Teenagers more details
Catherine Alexandra McBride-Chang Shing Yee Ting BSSC 2009 - 2010 A Reexamination of the Influence of Parenting on Self-esteem: Looking through a Two-Dimentional Perspective more details
Michael H. Bond Shiu Winnie Yin Fong BSSc 1994 - 1995 Personality Resources and Group Interaction Behaviors: A Group Level Analysis more details
Patrick Wing Leung Leung Shu Dorothy Sum To MSSc 2010 - 2011 Evaluation of the Psychometric Properties of the Parent-Report Chinese Version of Autism-Spectrum Quotient (AQ-Adult-C) more details
Takeshi Hamamura Shum Priscilla Lok Chee BSSc 2013 - 2014 Evaluative Reactions towards Accented Cantonese and Putonghua Speakers more details
Tse Chun-Yu Shum Yu Hei BSSc Psychology 2017 - 2018 L2 Proficiency on Accentedness Rating and Intelligibility of Accented Speech in Specific Vowel Context more details
Freedom Leung Sin Natalie MSSc 2013 - 2014 Adverse Childhood Upbringing, Negative Self-Cognitions, Emotion Dysregulation, and Non-suicidal Self-injury among Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong more details
Darius Chan Sin Yuk Yan BSSc 2014 - 2015 Bullying and Victimization in the Workplace and Burnout: the Mediation and Moderation Effects more details
Darius Chan Sio Teng M.Phil in I/O 2014 - Surface Acting and Employees’ Well Being: The Moderating Roles of Personal Self Esteem and Collective Self Esteem across Cultures more details
So Suzanne Ho Wai Sit Long Tin BSSc 2013 - 2014 Effect of Perceived Control on Mode of Rumination and State Depression more details
Qian Wang Sit Man In BSSC 2010 - 2011 Effects of Psychological Separation and Parental Support on Career Decision Self-Efficacy in Hong Kong Late Adolescents more details
Michael H.P. Tsang Siu Angela Fung Ying MSSc 1998 - 1999 Peer Acceptance at School: The Role of Marital Adjustment and Perceived Family Functioning more details
Him Cheung Siu Carrey Tik Tse BSSC 2008 - 2009 The Influence of Harmonic and Rhythmic Contexts on Word Recognition in Vocal Music more details
Chiu Chui De Siu Chun Hei Baker MA in Psy 2014 - 2015 The restoration effect of nature and urban scenery on induced negative mood: its implication on the existing theory of mechanism more details
Prof. Winnie Mak Siu Cliff MSSc 2013 - 2014 Psychological predictors of unprotected sexual behaviors among people living with HIV (PLHIV) in HK more details
Qian Wang Siu Lang BSSc 2008 - 2009 Effects of Parental Psychological Control on Hong Kong Early Adolescents' Psychological Functioning: Exploring the Moderating Role of Children's Inclusion of their Relationships with their Parents in their Self-Construct more details
Giovanni B. Moneta Siu Man Yee BSSc 2000 - 2001 The Effects of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations on Problem Finding and Creativity in Hong Kong College Students more details
Agnes Sui Yin Chan Siu Nicolson Yat Fan BSSC 2010 - 2011 Title Encoding Strategy of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder more details
Catherine S.K. Tang Siu Pik Ngan MSSc 1996 - 1997 Psychosexual Functioning of Chinese Women after Treatment for Gynecological Cancer: A Controlled Prospective Longitudinal Study more details
Catherine Alexandra McBride-Chang Siu Sindy Sin Ting BSSc 2003 - 2004 Relations among Parenting Styles, Socioeconomic Status and Reading Comprehension Ability and Academic Performance among Grade Three Students in Hong Kong more details
Winne Wing Sze Mak Siu Sze Hang BSSC 2009 - 2010 Predictability of the Health Belief Model and AIDS-related Anxiety in the Context of Intention to Condom Use and HIV Testing more details
Helene Hoi Lam Fung Siu Tasia Man Yee M.Phil in Psy 2002 - 2003 Social Goals in Grandparenthood: A Function of Death Anxiety and Time Perspective more details
Him Cheung SIU Tik Sze Carrey MPhil 2011 - 2012 Infants' Perception of Emotions in Music and Social Cognition more details
Wong Alan Chun-nang Siu Yat Fan PhD in Psy 2015 - 2016 Restoring Cognitive Resources by Visual Images of Nature – Evidence from Behavioral and Neurophysiological Study more details
Twila Z. Tardif Siu Ying Chi BSSc 1999 - 2000 Inclusion of Others in Self-Concept - Social Connectedness and Self Esteem more details
Twila Z. Tardif So Catherine Wing Chee BSSc 2000 - 2001 Complement Acquisition in Shaping False Belief more details
Catherine S.K. Tang So Eric Hon Kei MSSc 1996 - 1997 The Role of Temperament, Coping, and Cognitive Motivation on Substance Use: A Study of Incarcerated Youths in Hong Kong more details
Freedom Yiu Kin Leung So Sue Ho Wai MSSc 2000 - 2001 Profiles of Personality Disorders and Clinical Syndromes among Chinese Substance Abusers in Hong Kong more details
Giovanni B. Moneta So Sunny Sun Yiu BSSc 1998 - 1999 College Experience and Motivational Traits as Mediators of Personality Change: A Pilot Longitudinal Study more details
Darius Kwan Shing Chan So Sunny Sun Yiu M.Phil in I/O 2000 - 2001 Internet Shopping: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach more details
Catherine S.K. Tang So Tak Chung BSSc 2005 - 2006 Could macho personality and pornographic material be reliable risk factors of likelihood engaging in sexually harassing behaviors of teenagers in Hong Kong more details
Cheung Him So Tung Ming BSSc 2015 - 2016 Accented-Cantonese in Hong Kong: Relationship among Attitude on a Foreign Accent, its originated language, and its social group more details
Patrick Wing Leung Leung So Yuk Chi PhD in Clinical Psy 2004 - 2005 Effectiveness of methylphenidate and combined treatment (Methylphenidate and Psychosocial Treatment) for Chinese Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in a Community Mental Health Center more details
Freedom Yiu Kin Leung Sou Ngar Wing Postgrad Diploma 2004 - 2005 Body Image and Disordered Eating Behaviors among Hong Kong Adolescent Boys more details
Mak Wing Sze Winnie Suen Chartelle Wai Man BSSc in Psychology 2017 - 2018 Effects of Relationship: Joining Collective Action as an Ally more details
Helene Fung Suen Hung Kit MA in Psy 13 - 14 Adults Attachment Styles and Depression: The Mediating Roles of Personality Traits more details
Hsuan Chih Chen Suen Sau Lan BSSc 2005 - 2006 A study of the Effect of Classifiers in Perceived Similarity of Paired Chinese sentences more details
Cheung Him Suen Si Wah BSSc Psychology 2017 - 2018 Effect of Knowledge on False Belief Performance more details
Him Cheung Sum Chung Yiu BSSc 2003 - 2004 Context-bused Oral English Program for Hong Kong Students more details
Hsuan Chih Chen Sum Kwok Wing M.Phil in Psy 2003 - 2004 Spoken Word Recognition in Cantonese: Significance of Onset, Rime and Tone in Monosyllabic Words more details
Hsuan Chih Chen Sum Steve Kwok Wing BSSc 1999 - 2000 The Role of Tones in Spoken Chinese: An Exploitation of Syllables with Stop Coda more details
Fanny Mui Ching Cheung & Kwok Leung Sun Hai Fa PhD in Psy 1996 - 1997 Choice of Influence Tactics in Chinese Organizations: The Effect of the Interactants' Personality and Status more details
Winton Wing Tung Au Sun Wai Han BSSc 2013 - 2014 Rethinking Why: Exploring Audience Motivation and Cultural Difference in Theatre more details
Fanny Mui Ching Cheung Sung Kam Ping BSSc 2000 - 2001 The Experience and Expression of Anger of Chinese College Students in Hong Kong: Pattern Predicted by Interpersonal Relatedness, and Gender Role Attributes more details
Jin Pang Leung Sze Esther Hoi Yee BSSc 1998 - 1999 Personal Striving, Relationship with Parents/School, Self-concepts and Life Satisfaction of Adolescence more details
Freedom Yiu Kin Leung Sze Esther Hoi Yee MSSc 2003 - 2004 The Role of Behavioral Inhibition and Parental Over-protection in the Development of Anxiety Symptoms among Chinese Adolescents more details
Freedom Yiu Kin Leung Sze Lai Man BSSc 2000 - 2001 The Role of Emotional Dysregulation and Family Invalidation in the Development of BPD Features among Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong more details
Chan Kwan-Shing Darius Sze Miu Tung BSSc 2015 - 2016 Is a Relationship Discussion Good for Couples? A Study on Initiator Tendency, Conflict Resolution Styles and Relationship Satisfaction more details
Hsuan Chih Chen Sze Nung Tan BSSc 1994 - 1995 Using Stroop Paradigm to Investigate Linguistic Cues in Chinese Characters Encoding more details
Twila Z. Tardif Sze Sherrien Chi Wai BSSc 1997 - 1998 "Why Are My Parents Being So Unfair?": Effects of Parent-Sibling Relationships on Sibling Relationships more details
Agnes Sui Yin Chan Sze Sophia Lai Man MSSc 2003 - 2004 The Development of a Neuropsychological Screening Battery for Chinese Population more details
Agnes Sui Yin Chan Sze Sophia Lai Man PhD in Clinical Psy 2008 - 2009 External Organization Cue Facilitation Memory Retrieval of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder: An EEG Synchronization Study more details
Fanny Mui Ching Cheung Sze Tin Nei BSSc 2000 - 2001 Chinese Openness in the Communication Perspective: Self-disclosure and Responsiveness of University Students more details
Hsuan Chih Chen Sze Wai Ming BSSc 2001 - 2002 Syntactic Processing during English Reading in Chinese-English Bilinguals: Evidence from Eye Fixations more details
Michael Harris Bond Sze Wan Wai BSSc 1997 - 1998 The Sex-Role Stereotype of Managers and the Self-Concept of Business Students in Hong Kong more details
Him Cheung SZETO Ching Yee Lovenner MPhil 2011 - 2012 Developmental Study of Manipulated Speech - Weighing Recipient Intimacy and Consequence with Moral and Social-Conventional Values more details
Winne Wing Sze Mak Szeto Christina Wai Min Postgrad Diploma 2004 - 2005 Dispelling Psychiatric Stigma through Interpersonal Contact with Mental Health Consumers more details
Him Cheung Szeto Lovenner Ching Yee BSSc 2007 - 2008 The Integral and Compensating Relationships between Gesture and Speech more details
Giovanni B. Moneta Szeto Odilia Po Yan BSSc 2000 - 2001 The Daily Experience of Involvement and Cooperation in Group and Solitary Studying as a Function of Self-Construals and Motivational Dispositions more details

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